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The links given on this page are for the purpose of making readers aware of some of the extensive information which is available on the internet which deals with the areas of activity of our Drop-in and with other needs that those who visit us often have.

The inclusion of links on this page does not represent any endorsement by Solidarity Drop-in Stockport of any of the organisations whose sites or pages are linked, or recommendation of the information given in the linked information resource sites or pages.

The internet is constantly developing. Links we give may be found subsequently to be no longer operative. If you find a broken link on this page, please let us know by using the 'contact us' facility, on the Contact page and we will correct the error.

  • Solidarity Drop-in is one of the user groups of Stockport Wellbeing Centre.

  • Organisations based in and/or operating within Stockport or nearby

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  • Elected representatives. Links to web resources which will help you identify and contact MPs and councillors within the borough of Stockport.

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